Annoying Office Jargon - Part III


“keep yer hands to yerself ya pervert”




This game changer thing is fucking epidemic. Even Ireland’s premier accountancy magazine had it on the cover the other month.

WTF is wrong with people.


They’re sheep pal. Easily led. We could really launch something into the stratosphere if we wanted to.


We need to launch an alternative to game changer

Momentum shifter is the new game changer


And why is that lad using an anonymous mask as his profile picture on twatter?


Twitter - giving a voice to cunts.


TFK - giving a voice to cunts to call out the cunts.


Frogs in a saucepan


‘We’re using telescopes to look down rabbit holes’


Is that like smashing eggs with a hammer?


What does this beauty mean, pal?


Not for certain but it related to small issues building up and no one doing anything about them. I assume it links back to the frog in boiling water theory where it would jump out straight away but if you placed it in cold water and gently simmered it would sit there undisturbed. I just nodded and then kept the head down.


Bowed but not beaten, take some deep breaths and live to fight another day.


“Managed exit”.


“the tail wagging the dog”


yeah that and FMEA, we’re supplying stuff now to the automotive industry and they insist on this crap


Anyone heard “slippage” used? It’s a good un.

Eg : "Have u finished that yet?"
No, unfortunately due to all my ducks not being in a row my subordinates are not touching base as often as they should. Also, having recently signed up to tfk my downtime has increased significantly. This has resulted in so much slippage that I have put the wet floor sign behind my seat. Hopefully once I leverage from my peers the flight plan will be seamless and it should be done by eod BD5.


If you were looking for easter eggs on the milky way they might come in handy.


EOD BD5 is going right in my basket… we may even need to schedule a conversation to quantify the impact this phrase will have on the day-to-day processes and address all learning outcomes.