Annoying Office Jargon - Part III


Or alternatively you could just shove your thumb up your hole.


We’d need to prototype and evaluate the business impact of this before adopting it as standard process.


Combinatorial testing boys.

Some vibram wearing consultant mentioned this in a talk he gave to our dept about 6 months ago. I did a little digging and have managed to draft a fancy presentation on it and the benefits it will give to our QA teams.

I’ll get a fucking road show out of this yet.


You are ahead of the curve.


He is seeing opportunities where others see roadblocks


oh the spoof is strong with this one; looking forward to leveraging from your knowledge base.


Is this it?


I always knew you were a blue sky thinker. You just seem to have that way about you.


Millenialize? Heard this one on the radio earlier




“The longest pole in the tent”


I hope you shouted out “waaaahey” after that?


And you wonder why you are still a IT desktop support monkey.


I’ll turn you on and off you freak


some fella told me a while ago he’ll “ping” me tomorrow.
i responded with “great” and walked away feeling a little odd


Or “that’s what your sister said last night”



Cool the fuck down and get back to your code base, you are putting this weeks release at risk. I already flagged AMBER at todays scrum.


There are some desperate cnuts out there.


Pressure makes diamonds.


Desperate what’s?