Annoying Office Jargon - Part III


Either are a great idea just not in the 12-1.30 window.



Beauty of a comment on linkedin this evening words of encouragement to a fella who’s rebranded his business…both irish

**I wish you every success … just to say … indeed it can appear to be a bit of a dark art and yes its a mountain that needs to be climbed but your just the guy, company and product to do it given a value exchange focus. If your organically growth hacking your way to the top … it takes time and a wide analytical view of your conversion funnel which based on experience takes 6 to 8 weeks just to begin to move the needle in the right direction. **

If your buying your way in, the digital marketing strategy becomes even more critical if any buy-in is to be sustainable. A dual approach of slow organic growth to build momentum before kicking off a paid approach I believe forms an important ingredient in baking in longer term sustainable success.


Jesus wept


What did the guy do before he opened a bakery?


Lock the thread


“We need to preform a tops to tails review…”


Urgent Help needed
We have just been asked to describe in 3 words “the culture i want to see in our team”. 4 pm deadline. This is my chance to impress, don’t let me down.


Big Huge Tits


Focus please, this has the potential to be a game changer for my flagging career.


Unity of purpose
Clarity of focus
Strive for perfection
Learn from mistakes


Clear the deadwood
Phone it in
Waiting for redundancy
Doing just enough


Dog eat dog.


#kill your granny


Do it yourself u lazy pup, i don’t have time. Brainstorming like a mofo here.


Learn Respect Win




Would you? Would you be willing to kill your granny?


Update : doesn’t have to be a sentence or slogan, 3 individual words will suffice. I’m thinking “Dynamic, innovative, flexible”. The excitement !!!..
Am getting no work done, this must be the what senior managers get to experience every day, I want in.


For a promotion? Who wouldn’t?


Dynamic Innovative Flexible