Annoying Office Jargon - Part III


Is @caoimhaoin really the regional motor tax manager for Munster?


They are not drinking the Kool-Aid


This is the basics johnny. You must be very junior.


It’s the 3pm slump


Whats the biggest deal you ever worked on and what was your contribution besides your hilarious sense of humour?


What’s the biggest hat you ever shat in?


I think I was talking to you in the charities section today.


Typical expected response really. Let me field that question for you and you can tell me am I hot or cold. Was it when travellers bought you out of your rancid hovel in Rathkeale and you had to move to the murky backwaters of Killmallock? Dont be too bitter when they drive past you in their 4x4’s and you wonder what you did with your life. And if they do secret Santa in the corner shop where you work drop a few subtle hints for one of these and if that doesn’t work substitute the ball for your tiny cock.




Simply outstanding post. Bound to get to the magic ten.
Back on topic, I overheard a lad in the week saying it was his task “to construct a picture board” for the next meeting. Given the shite he was spouting, I don’t think he’s a carpenter.


Pitstop is so very 15/16

We’re now doing circles. As in:
Can we do a quick circle on what we need to get in terms for this sell


2017 is all about supercharging things guys


Took part in a thought shower today


Did you ever have to kill a puppy?


You strike me as a great thought leader.


I punch puppies everyday.


Makes a change from the golden showers I suppose.


I am more of an influenceer




FAO @TheUlteriorMotive