Annoying Office Jargon - Part III


Looks unreal


Who better to mine 80’s pop culture than the game changer himself.




“we need more bandwidth within the timeline without sacrificing output”


From inboxing to thought showers: how business bullshit took over


I’ve just read something which mentioned a company founder “bootstrapping his business”.

Should I know what this means?


I’ve just googled the above mentioned wanky term and it’s something I should have been familiar with. Damn you, work jargon.


Pulled himself up by his bootstraps. A gravity defying feat


You essentially bootstrapped the learning process w.r.t. bootstrapping there.


The Happy Path :thinking:

‘‘Lets take this on the Happy Path and work from there’’


Of course you should being a bidnessman


Having intentionality


As in have you any intentionality of getting a job?


No, looking for a job with intentionality


Deep dive


We are not kicking for touch anymore lads we are using our extensive playbook.


My boss told me today that he was going to “push my shit in” at the Xmas party tomorrow night. That’s a new one for me.


Mate, I think you’re gonna get very lucky tomorrow night. Maybe get a bleaching done in advance.


He must know you’re a rugby football fan.