Annoying Office Jargon - Part III


It was “soup to nuts” in my day.


Using about eighty nine words to convey a simple message


Sensecheck. That’s what I got today. I have to sense check a proposal.


This website


That’s desperate stuff. Imagine getting up in the morning to peddle that shite. Driving a digger into lidl would be an honest days work in comparison.


I saw Dessie scribbling furiously at the Pendulum Summit a few months ago. This is exactly the type of guff being spouted. I hope he hasn’t plagiarised anyone.


Ray Cummins handpassing the ball over the bar in the ‘82 Munster Final was a great example of competing with compassion.


There’s a wan here on the train and she’s been talking jargon very loudly for 40 mins and slating her male colleagues… It’s vomit inducing.

There’s three old dears to my right raging with her, tutting away and throwing eyes up to heaven…anyway, when discussing male colleagues she blurted out ‘I love dick’…‘Dick is lovely’… And the three auld ones nearly died from laughter… She followed it up soon after with… ‘I’d wish he would bounce things off me a bit more’… and that was enough to set the old dears off again…

Unreal scenes.


I have introduced the phrase “he has them hopping like sausages in a frying pan” to my place of work.
It is gaining traction and I have already heard it used twice this morning.


fuck, where do i start with this one,

ok, “when we are done with sweeping out the sheds we’ll huddle again around 3 to see where we are with this one”

lads , seriously , im astounded

i over heard him then updating a fella on the phone “right, those lads are going in there now and i mean who knows what’ll come out in the wash”


With your game faces on I presume


Delighted to give that its deserved 10th like


“after class”

this guy is at it again here


He sounds like a right go-getter. Are you jealous of him ?



That fuckin All Blacks book has a lot to answer for. Start telling yer man to be a good ancestor and see what he says back to you.


idisruption @mickee321




I’ll follow you to hell.

I know I shouldn’t laugh but I’ve broken down because of this you cunt.