Annoying Office Jargon - Part III


sprint sessions.


nail down jelly.

Heard just now on a conference call


That deserved a nice post at least.


Drinking from the hose pipe.


‘leaning in’

This has exploded into action the last couple of months. Every cunt is telling everyone else how they need to lean in or calling out great examples of others leaning in. There’ll be chiropractors making savage money from all the leaning related injuries.


Sheryl coined this in 2013 ffs.


She may well have bit I’ve never heard it used so much before.


Copying or taking text from an existing document is no more, you now “leverage off the document”


“Plagiarise with pride”


There’s a fella in our office that gets great leverage out of leverage. You’d think everything is a slam dunk listening to him talk about all the leverage he can leverage.






What the fucking fuck ??


Another thing that has annoyed me recently - what’s the story with people who need to use “perfect” all the time? It’s especially jarring in emails, tends to be women who over use it.


Amazing is the big one in our place.

“I sent you on that document there, Mary.”


I always do a double take when I hear it.


Because you are amazed?


A little bit, yes.




I’m afraid.

I can’t do that, I’m afraid.

I’m afraid I have to tell you we won’t make that deadline.

Eveyone going around terrified


We don’t want to stand on the same rake twice :sweat_smile: