Another American shooting


@Fagan_ODowd, you’re some man to hand out a chasing when the mood takes you. Poor auld @labane1917 :smile:


He called me a wanker and then he called me a simpleton for no reason other than to be an Internet hard chaw. He had it coming to him.


I’m still shaking from the experience. I’ve had to take to the whiskey to calm down.


I see @labane1917 was taken to the wood shed last night by @Fagan_ODowd.Oooooft as the man says.Morto.Scientology :joy::joy:.


That’s literally mad. Is he on SSRIs?


Spokeswoman for the NRA.


She can point her AK 47 at me any day


She has a big gun. :joy:



Your man Wayne La Pierre is paid a salary of $950,000 a year to rail against the “elites”


Beautiful talk show anchor Dana Loesch earns $1,000,000 dollars a year to rail against the “elites”.

These people have quite a bit of skin in the game.


Trump, the lad who repeatedly dodged service in Vietnam, has now discovered his imaginary inner warrior and would have run into the school even if he hadn’t a weapon.


Captain Bonespurs to the rescue.


The treatment of that chap by the batshit crazy US right-wing has been absolutely scandalous and it was no surprise to see @labane1917 take the bait hook, line and sinker and run with it. As far as I know the man wasn’t being paid to commit suicide.

They batshitters will look for any narrative, no matter how disgusting, to try and take the heat off themselves.


SWAT teams in every school, it’s the only logical way of halting this epidemic.


CNN, CBS and even your favorite Vox are all right wing now? All have been scathing in their reporting of how the Broward county police responded to this incident. The individual who publicly blamed officer Peterson for not confronting the gunman was the sheriff of Broward county, Scott Israel, a Democrat appointed by Democrats. Regardless of the cowardice of this individual deputy, and three others who we now know were on the scene, Israel is of course trying to cover his own ass as his department failed miserably to react to numerous reports and 911 calls (at least 25) highlighting that Cruz was a violent nutcase. Sheriff Israel is coming across very badly in interviews, calling himself an amazing leader while blaming everyone but himself. An arrogant asshole.

All cops are paid to put their lives on the line in situations like this, and many have lost their lives protecting the public. What cops are not paid for is hiding behind a minivan for 5 minutes while kids were being slaughtered.


Cops are not paid to commit suicide by putting themselves in the line of fire of an evil bastard with a machine gun, you idiot, no more than firefighters are paid to commit suicide by, say, climbing to the top of Grenfell Tower.

Trump’s unintentionally hilarious and pathetic comments about how he would have tried to stop the shooter just add to the shameless farce and delusion of the right’s reaction to this.

Your narrative: blame everything except guns and your idiotic gun laws.


You’ve been caught with your head up your ass again, and as always want to deflect to Trump.

Cops in the US are absolutely paid to put themselves in the line of fire and do it every day, you stupid cunt. The cop has the advantage as he is trained for situations like this and has the element of surprise. As the sheriff (a Democrat, not some right wing nutjob) said, he was expected to enter the building, locate the killer and take him out. That’s what cops are expected to do, and what the great majority would do in a similar situation.


Again, they aren’t expected to commit suicide by putting themselves alone in the line of fire of an evil cunt with a machine gun.

I think you’re just deliberately being stupid here - sure why break the habit of a lifetime?!

I didn’t deflect anything, by the way - Trump, as usual, is a central part of the debate by his own intervention. You don’t get to decide that the central character is off limits to talk about just because your support for him shows you and your politics up for their terminal idiocy.

This is the same type of politics that wants to arm teachers and then, no doubt, vilify these armed teachers when they don’t gun down a mass shooter.


Trump’s reaction has been stupid, arming teachers is not part of any sensible solution.

Cops are expected to put themselves in the line of fire every day you utterly stupid cunt, about 50 are shot dead every year in the US. What the fuck is the point having an armed officer full time at the school if he is not going to confront a killer on a rampage? He wasn’t alone, we now know there were three other officers there, so four of them hid while the shooting was going on. Pathetic from you defending cowards in an effort to score a few cheap political points.


Please tell me how many cops took on an evil cunt on a rampage with a machine gun, armed only with a handgun.

Then get back to me.