Another American shooting


Plenty of them, almost all mass killings end with the perpetrator being shot by police or committing suicide.

Your continued use of the term machine gun exposes you as a clueless idiot. Cruz had an AR-15 which is a rifle. Shooting unarmed kids with a rifle from short range isn’t difficult. Coming up against a cop armed with a Glock 22, who takes you by surprise, is a different proposition.

You are defending cowards here, which of course means you are a coward yourself, as like attracts like.


I’m not defending you and your moron of a president, pal - far from it.


Why would the shooter be surprised by cops showing up?


Whether he was expecting them or not, he wouldn’t have stood a chance. Do you think the cops would just walk out in front of him? This was a lunatic teenager with a rifle, not a trained assassin.


So he wouldn’t be “caught by surprise” at all.

Most police in the US never draw their weapon in the course of a year. This didn’t happen in South Central and I would doubt that local police had their best Wyatt Earp on duty at the high school. An AR-15 outguns a Glock or whatever handgun most days of the week.


What a cunt


“Taken by surprise” doesn’t mean he had no expectation of encountering a cop. It means the cop had the advantage of surprising him, hopefully with a bullet, before he knows the cop is there. How frequently the average US cop draws his gun is irrelevant, they are all trained for this type of situation.

I am not suggesting a Glock could outgun an AR-15, but again the scenario isn’t a western duel.

There is simply no excusing him, or them, not going in.


These nutjobs plan these shootings, it’s not an off-the-cuff decision, they expect and want to go out in a ‘blaze of glory’ and the cops are part of that. There’s no surprise to it.

It’s a rabbit-hole discussion anyway. More guns in schools is bonkers.




Evidence that teachers with guns is not a good idea…


Shots fired at Central Michigan University


Bro, snow is the only game in town today


Snow and the rape case are the only shows around here.



Shots fired on the North Lawn of the White House. Lock down.

Mogul and Muse safe. Repeat Mogul and Muse are safe. Not in residence.


Some poor bastard topped himself at the White House fence. DCPD “natural death squad” is at the scene.

Donald is safe in Mar a Largo and is currently escalating a trade war with the E.U. on Twitter.


Another one today.


YouTube HQ is under attack


Situation described as “very fluid” on RTÉ news there.


Are they using water pistols now?