Another American shooting


This better not affect Friday night 80’s.



With bump stocks. Of course.


Upto 11 people being brought to hospital. Shooter reported to be a female with a towel over her head


I was gonna fire this up friday, seems more appropriate here and now!


This lends credence to the water pistol theory.


Thank god. Prob not a good shot so.


Apparently fire alarms were set off and as people walked out of the building they were shot. That’s just ridiculous stuff


Suspect dead from self inflicted gunshot wound.




The reckon it could be a case of #shedidntbelievehim


#notanemployee. Apparently came on campus to shoot her boyfriend, shot three other people but missed him. Women are just not cut out for mass shootings.


Should have stayed in the kitchen, she would have made less of a mess.


The police have been unable to determine a motive. Apparently if they don’t know there’s no point in her telling them.



CNN saying 8 dead, apparently there was armed security in the school and suggestions that there was 2 shooters, there’s one shooter in custody anyway.


Another terrible day for Mental Health

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God bless America.


Holy fuck !!! Are they all that dim ?


The “good guy with the gun” got there a little bit too late.


Texans? Yes mate, to make it easier for you imagine the equivalent of Tipperary in Ireland.