Another American shooting


And who signs them off?


The president can sign or veto a bill from congress, and congress in turn can override the president’s veto.

What gun laws have been sent to Trump’s office since his election? You seem to imply he should be held responsible for gun violence, when all existing legislation regarding ownership of firearms predates him, and no new legislation has been proposed since his election.


It’s a brilliant article, which you clearly haven’t read because you are unable to debate a single point in it.

You hate O’Toole because he routinely skewers far-right nutcases like you.

You’re cut from the exact same cloth as “decent Germans” who supported Hitler.

I bet you see yourself as “decent”, don’t you?

The truth is you’re a fascist scumbag.


It’s that sort of rhetoric that sends people to the extremes. Any sort of contrary argument and you’re cast as a facist. @labane1917 's post seems a lot more coherent than your abuse.


Keep calling me a fascist mate if it makes you feel good. God knows you need something to brighten up your squalid existence.


@labane1917 is a fascist scumbag. He’ll go to any length to defend his “dear leader” and outright fascist tactics.

My politics are very moderate, reasonable, and reality based, like normal people, because I, unlike @labane1917, am a normal, reasonable person.

If that truth hurts for you, perhaps you should examine your own politics.

These are not normal times, but those ignorant of history don’t want to see that.


“normal” :joy::joy::joy:

Fuck off for yourself, you pretend Anglo Saxon waste of oxygen. I’ve met people tripping on LSD who were more reality based than you.


I certainly will keep calling you such. Because that is what you are.

And you haven’t objected to that label.

I could stare at a wall for the next 50 years and it would be a better existence than yours, because I still wouldn’t be a fascist, and you still would be.


No offence but you sound like an extremist


Everyone to the right of you is a fascist mate, which means everyone.
I don’t object to it because it’s coming from a halfwit moron, and one cannot convince a halfwit moron of anything. There’s a sum total of one poster who thinks you are normal mate, but like all the delusional that goes above your vacant head.


He’s a commie mate, pines for the days when all the “enemies of the state” could be sent to the gulag.


In the few months you’ve been on this forum, you’ve made it pretty clear that you’re well the right of normal people as regards politics.

Figures, you migrated here from, which is basically now a race hate site.

I suppose you could say that’s an example of bad migration - maybe you could fuck off back there and take @labane1917 with you?

He’d fit in very well with Keith Mills and that outright racist councillor who Fine Gael expelled.


There you go again


I suppose when you’re as far to the right as you are, everybody is a “commie”, mate.

Fuck knows how you survive in the real world, because you quite clearly know fuck all about it.


He can’t help himself, this is the only site that allow his delusional rants, and nobody is allowed to spoil his party.


No mate, there are few enough commies in the western world these days, as anyone with a functioning brain can see how well it has worked. Not you though, that Utopian paradise is just around the corner isn’t it?


You’re a Nazi appeaser, mate.

A coward, a far-right extremist and a laughing stock.

That is a fact.

Read your posts about Charlottesville back.

In fact, read pretty much anything you’ve ever posted on this site back.


You are pathetic.

Come back when you’re able to post something which deals in reality.


No mate, I’m center right on economic issues and center left on social issues. Like the majority of people who are normal. Go get some fresh air, it will clear your head of all the nonsense that’s accumulated there.


The Friday feeling hasn’t kicked in then?