Another American shooting


He’s having withdrawal symptoms from the World Cup.



You are not living in the reality-based community.


It’s true, I don’t live in an asylum, where you belong.


From the fella that watches every second of every match in the WC, so busy he has time to figure out the commentators air miles. The real world alright :rollseyes:


Your brain is a private asylum.


You’d think he could put all that taxpayer funded education to work and write something that someone somewhere wants to read. What a waste.


I care full-time for a completely immobile man with dementia. It doesn’t get much more real world than that.

I know a hell of a lot more about the real world than you, pal.

You spend your time defending a corrupt police force who tried to publicly brand a whistleblower as a paedophile, because they, like you, are fat, thick, useless cunts.


Good for you sid. That’s a hard station


Fair play may not always agree with you but you can argue your point in a cohesive manner unlike a lot of others who default to insults


Shut the fuck up you stupid wanker cunt bollix.


You are normally a reasoned poster so I will let that rant go🤔


Cheers pal. I didn’t mean a word of it as you’re one of the forums good guys…


You have an uncanny ability to judge reason and cohesiveness.


Cheers mate


I see where these nut jobs were pardoned by their dear leader. No doubt we can expect some sort if Waco like situation soon.

Whatever happened to @Steven_Naimsith ? I liked that guy.


He was ran off the forum by @labane1917.


Gas bastards


Great. All they have to do is make sure people with mental health issues don’t get their hands on a 3D printer.
Is the sale of those regulated?


Each of them comes with a fella standing behind it. They can run background checks.


Just need to make sure there are enough good guys with 3D printers to stop the bad guys