Another American shooting


You’d often hear of lads hiding behind them too.


If the second amendment doesn’t cover a right to bear printers the NRA are a shoo in getting it protected under free speech in the first. USA USA


The news said today that there’s been over 200 shootings in Toronto so far this year. That’s well over 1 a day. Is that correct? If it is, how come it hasn’t been more widely reported*

*Feel free to point me to the Canadian shooting thread if needed


It has been widely reported in canada. Its gangs and turf warfare mainly, but theres an increase in innocent victims now. Not released what today was about. Canadian right wingers would argue theres a pc reason its not focused on more…


Trudeau is soft on crime.


He’s soft on everything. But this is a city and provincial issue. Ham fisted reaction, first throwing rookie cops on the street, and blaming legitimate gun owners, when its guns smuggled from the US that are used mainly.


He’s hard on gender pronouns.


He’s a conflicted character like his father, fidel castro


Toronto is a massive city over 5million people with many diverse immigrant groups and a massive gang problem.

I heard from a Canadian once that Canada has a higher percentage of gun owner than the US because of all the farmers and hunters out in the middle but it doesn’t sound right to me. Does anyone know if that’s true?


Quite possible, I think Michael Moore stated that in bowling for columbine. Canada has a huge hunting culture so there’s rifles everywhere. Hand guns are far more restrictively owned. The number of shootings is dwarfed by the southern neighbour but is still substantial.


I think Michael Moore was wrong on that. A few different ways to estimate it but the US is on top of everyone. Some of these NRA gun nuts would have 20 or 30 guns sure


Yeah according to Wikipedia the estimate of US ownership is multiples of Canada. There isn’t the antique show tradition of buying and selling guns in Canada, and no open carry or right to defend yourself with a gun there. Total contrast with the US.


When Canadians go abroad does their entire experience hinge on telling people they are not yanks ?


Yes, to the same extent it does Irish people and New Zealander’s


True but let’s be honest here the oirish abroad nowadays are bigger yobs than brits .


chav culture has replaced Catholicism





4 Dead and 11 shot