Another American shooting




You can see the red laser on that young lads top just before the gunfire



It was the headphones fault lads

Go to bed america, you’re drunk


Grant is bang on the money here. You’d want your head examined having big ear mufflers on with not a clue what’s happening around you.


“Gaming” tournaments :grin:weirdos


Aye, not really taking out the elite there I’d say.


Proof, if ever it was needed, that this is a mental health issue and not a gun control one.


Ban mental illness, not guns!


you have to arm the crazies. they’re the ones most in need of it. Normies wouldn’t go shooting each other sure



They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?


some nut denied entrance to an ice cube concert

now hes

it was a very good day (for the cops)


Well, this is an odd one




Apprehended alive. How many times would they have shot him if he was black?


There cops were shot in the line of duty, you sad fuck.


Which has what to do with my point? Why do innocent blacks get mowed down while running away (or standing still) while this cunt gets taken alive?


There are very few innocent blacks “mowed down”. In the great majority of cases where people are shot by cops, regardless of color, the cop is either protecting someone else’s life or his own life. Cops routinely have to go into neighborhoods where there is zero regard for human life, it’s unsurprising you get the odd wrongful shooting.