Another American shooting


White Power.


They shoot black kids for failing a round of simon says. This dude somehow gets taken alive.

He was shouting all jews must die’ while he was shooting. Let’s not call them Nazis though.


Trump has blamed the Synagogue for not having armed guards


Very good doc.


So to get this straight, you are disappointed they shoot someone (black) and disappointed when they dont (white)


What these guys are doing is rational if you believe the white genocide narrative conservative media pushes every day. There will be more. In the midst of 11 bombs being sent to prominent democrats and the synagogue shooting, a white supremacist walking into a store and shooting dead two elderly black people this week went almost unnoticed.

Conservative media went straight to the false flag conspiracy theory after the pipe bomb episode. They’re still scrambling for a narrative after today’s massacre.


Trump fan page on Reddit



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Murica has more important things to worry about right now, didn’t you see the video of that beastly CCN hack assaulting that nice young woman in the White House?


@labane1917 is busy on the US politics thread discussing nationality over ethnicity. Something do with Mexicans in Murica.


We are under attack.


By who?

Crazy gun totting Muricans?
Crazy gun totting Muslims?


Dual citizen Muslims?


dual wielding muslims


Mexican Muslims


Is this a new species?


It is a new ethnic identity, and a red flag for Murican border control



He lost though


12 killed in the LA bar.

If irish people had access to guns, would there be many shootings?