Another American shooting


We don’t have access to guns and there are plenty of shootings.




It’s scum shooting scum 99% of the time luckily enough.


I’d have popped half the cunts on here if I’d a gun.


id say itd be more like this


It would be a bit fucking pointless having access to them if there wasn’t.


It was a white fellow this time, the shooter was. Radicalised while he was in the Marines.


As in he was ISIS?


No he was in the Marines.


No he learned to hate people


They were only nuns.


He could have done that here.



Was it the ssris again?


He wouldn’t have been prescribed ssris here.


Is that what HBV has?


No that’s aids.



Quite possibly, military veterans are routinely prescribed SSRIs for PTSD even though studies have shown they have no impact (Pfizer abandoned their study on Zoloft when the results showed the drug didn’t help). There is strong correlation between both SSRI use and SSRI withdrawal and mass shootings, especially in school shootings. It’s as good a link to causation as we have, given that mass school shootings are a fairly recent phenomenon and guns, which normally are blamed, have been around for a long time.


Some lad walked up to John Lennon on this day many years ago and shot him. But the random shooting of innocent people is definitely a new phenomenon alright.


It was December 8th.

I would say the primary correlation, whether it’s Mark Chapman or most others, is complete self loathing and hatred of life. It’s basically suicide where they want to bring others with them and make a name for themselves.


Thought it was December no?