Another American shooting


Some radio show i was listening to this morning mentioned it happened on this day. The fucking idiots


That’s mere speculation on your part. The one provable fact that links all of these cases is guns.


Guns have been around and freely available in the US for over a hundred years. Mass shootings, especially school shootings, are a recent phenomena. If all you can come up with is guns are causing people to kill other people then you lack critical thinking.

Are guns causing the large increase in murders in London?


Half the developed world are on SSRIs and they don’t blast people away when they are on them or withdrawing from them.

Well at least not in the US.


10% of Americans are on anti-depressants, it was 2% thirty years ago. Do you honestly believe depression has increased by a factor of X5 in 30 years? Or perhaps anti-depressants, including the newer family of SSRIs, are being over prescribed, especially to minors.

Do you also believe that guns cause people to go out and murder other people?


There is no one factor of course and every situation is different but to suggest that anti depressants are the cause when there is a sizeable amount of people across the world on them and are fine is pretty lazy in my view.

The availability of, and access to, powerful, easily life ending weapons like guns, as well as the unquestionable gun culture in the US is a massive undeniable factor.


Putting guns in the hands of homicidal maniacs is the issue.

Gun control isnt fit for purpose in the United States.


people kill people, not guns, its the same here in London, they are gone ape stabbing each other, 5 dead this week alone


What’s wrong with the minorities over there?


i dunno, I live in a rich area, you’d hardly hear in it the news now, it is so common


I didn’t say anti-depressants are the cause. There is correlation between the sharp rise in use of anti-depressants and the sharp rise in mass shootings in the US in the past few decades. Obviously correlation doesn’t prove causation, but blaming guns is even more lazy.


It’s their culture innit.

There were 72 people shot in one weekend in Chicago recently, 11 of them killed. The problem according to the media like CNN is white people, even though all those involved were blacks and latinos shooting each other.


The murder rate in Chicago is insane.

The acid attacks in London are horrific.

Lot of disenfranchised and disenchanted young men out there who want the world to burn.

In Ireland they make videos.


What else has there been a sharp rise in in the US in the last couple of decades.


I sense a viagra joke coming…


video games?



The Dutch team never got over the blaggardings in 1974 and 1979 .


Cracker terrorism yet again proving its the most dangerous in the world.

Unsurprisingly I open the thread to see lads humanising this scum with their talk of mental issues excusing his evil behaviour. I wonder how many medical prognosis we would see if he were anything other than white?


You don’t think someone who goes into a bar, kills a load of people, and then kills himself is not mentally ill?

What an oddball you are.

Between 1982 and 2018 there were 104 mass shootings in the US, 59 by whites, 17 by blacks, 9 by Latinos and 8 by Asians. The demographics of the US are 56% white, 17% Latino, 13 % black and 5% Asian. If you want to make it a discussion about race, blacks on a per capita basis commit more mass killings than any other race.