Any takers?

Channel 4 seeks terminally ill patient to mummify

Channel 4 has announced it is looking for a terminally ill volunteer to be mummified on TV.

The broadcaster and production company Fulcrum TV have placed an advertisement in magazines in a bid to find a candidate willing to donate their body to be embalmed for a new documentary.

The ad reads: We are currently keen to talk to someone who, faced with the knowledge of their own terminal illness and all that it entails, would nonetheless consider undergoing the process of ancient Egyptian embalming.

An English scientist who claims to have unlocked the secrets of ancient Egyptian mummification would embalm the body of a volunteer, and the mummy would then possibly be displayed in a museum.

Asked about the questionable taste of the programme, Fulcrum TV’s Richard Belfield told an undercover Independent reporter: It may sound rather macabre but we have mummified a large number of pigs to check that the process worked and it does. We have lined up scientists to support the project and found a place approved by the Human Tissue Authority where the mummification would take place.