Anybody getting pissed?

Max Bet

Have work at 6am Saturday, so I’ll only have the couple, Saturday night I’ll be giving it socks though.

Time for the cure, well goin to the Galway/Laois match first then the cure and then depending on the state of my health and finances a second cure 2mor, ooooooooooooooyyyeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaah!!

And the auld triangle went JINGLE JANGLE aal aloooòoooong the banks of the roooooooyaaaall canal


Hhhhhiiiin de femaaalle prissssonnnnn, derrrrrr arrrree seventy fiiive woooommmeen an amongst dem now iiii wish I did dwelllll.

Got a taxi with @Watchyourtoes tonight, he was fucked, nancys was our last stop, we tore Limerick up. Great session. Sleep sound and sleep well.


Never again.

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