Anybody getting pissed?

Bit early but I’m gunning for a few hints. YARRGGGHH!!! :guns:


I’m going to see Jimmy Carr tonight then after that its :clap::pint::clap::pint: all the way through the weekend

On the batter all weekend. Will do the sauce tonight around town, might take in the 7’s tomorrow in Kilmacud and sauce out there with a few mates, see how I survive the night then, and head off to Croker where I will sauce again before during and after.

Monday I will be phoning it in.

All Ireland weekend, superb stuff.

I’m pissed already

Once the Flag was raised this am, I commenced road testing some new cocktails with a pal.

The RebelRouser went down a treat. Very “Respectable”:smiley:

GSH is travelling the N7/N8 to Cork to sample some of the atmos and the pints.
Anyone drinking in Cork tonight or tomorrow night will no doubt have that feeling that someone great is nearby.

Yours in doing my bit,

To the jukebox in Madigans after work, then to the Home of Football to see the Big Club go 4 points clear, and possibly an early one after the game due to a mate’s 30th being on tomorrow night. Great weekend in prospect.

Must win tonight really, squeaky bum time is almost upon us…We’ve gone very stale the last few weeks, time to get the show back on the road. Joey N’do would want to get the finger out.

Ndo wants a kick up the hole, is what Ndo wants

i’ll be watching the famed blue and white verticals of boden this evening in Parnell…might go on beer after…will defo go on beer sunday too…

[quote=“Mairegangaire”]I’m pissed already


That might explain a lot.

Doin the opposite myself. Just had a decent indian dinner but have knocked the sauce on the head for the night. It’s a big weekend for me and some hours of sobriety and action would leave my in pole position for a sweet 3/4 week holiday.

Oh yeah, you going anywhere nice? You should see if you can come to Glasgow to see the huns game in a couple of weeks.

Doin a bit of island hopping. I quite fancy a bit of diving in Thailand. Might have to give the derby a miss.

Any major holidays booked yourself?

I’m getting pissed.

PS, fook you Juhniallio.

Ta Bandage. May you have the night of nights and may you wake with a pair of fat ankles wrapped around you.*

*Not your own.

Celebrated the non-posting NedWheeler’s wedding last week and did 5 nights out of 7. My hands were shaking and I was getting panic attacks all Sunday night so for that reason - I’m out.

Watch out Dooblin Julio is about :D:pint::D:pint:

Thanks Juhniallio. Many thanks indeed.

To the pub we go. :smiley: x15

[quote=“Bandage”]Thanks Juhniallio. Many thanks indeed.

To the pub we go. :pint: x15[/quote]


Best of luck Bandage.

I’ll be staying in tonight and will be on moderator duty…

Flano…what the fuck are you doing still logged in?..theres beer to be drank.