Anyone getting pissed tonight?

I had no intention but I’m just back from the shop after getting a bag of Roosters and a can of Guinness for use in a stew. The Guinness looks really tantalising sitting there, I feel like Lionel Hutz in the courtroom with the bottle of bourbon. “What’s that?..You want me to drink you??”

We probably won’t win tonight but someone said a few weeks ago that this is our World Cup so we may as well enjoy it. :pint:

I hate my life

I’ll probably venture down town for a few pints alright. Depends on how wet it is outside.

What time is kick off?

Free Beer all night I will be :pint::pint::pint::pint::pint: as much as is possible, sort of like an all you can eat

Where is this free beer you speak of? :pint::pint::pint::pint::pint:

4am kick off here, not sure whether to stay up or get up for it but I’m sure I’ll have a beer or two. 4 hour flight tomorrow though will be nasty enough.

Watching it at home with no beer and looking forward to watching it at home with no beer.

Down with :pint:*

*This may change as the week progresses!

Its for the elite only

:mad: :mad: NAMA paying for it? :mad: :mad:


MBB - serious question here. When was the last time you went into a thread, and were in the middle of posting a reply, and just decided to hold back and not post the reply as you realised it might not be adding any value to the thread? Just wondering like.

:thumbsup: :pint:


I considered not replying to this post Mac, but then I thought you might not be impressed that when you addressed me I didnt reply. SO I replied. I didn’t see much point in the question though, but to answer it, yesterday.

Jaysus the Wexican mafia were out in force for this one, all within 2 minutes of Mac posting. :smiley:


Hmmmmm, I have my doubts. Does it happen you often?

I did quare well to log out and back in and post in that short space of time didn’t I?

Someone has to keep us fat cats in sauce :thumbsup: