Anyone getting pissed tonight?

I am.

I am heading to some sort of gay lunch at 12.30 where there is oddles of free beer by all accounts. Then back into the office for the Kris Kindle bullshit at around 4.15. Then home. Then back into town for the Christmas party (shudder) at around 7. Then more drinking with the intention of joining up with my old work Christmas party which will by then be a house party in the early hours.

Up wine.

More than likely. Christmas party tonight - will probably try to drink my bodyweight in wine.

Christmas party tonight. Danger ahead methinks.

Just general session in a pub two towns over. Should be messy, hopefully there’ll be a row.

Going to some Lunch organised by a client at 12:30 and drinks after. Don’t know if I’ll stay out late yet or not-see where the day takes me.

How do you measure towns over?! Is there any villages or townlands in between?

I’m going for a few drinks after work but I won’t be getting pissed as I’m up early to go to the Celtic game tomorrow. Unfortunately, the days of me being capable of arriving home at 4am and having a quick 2-hour power snooze before getting up again to catch a flight are gone, long gone. And in the past, they shall remain.

Well ya, I suppose there not towns, it would be more townlands/villages depending on the route you take.

The main thing is we are going to a nearby town and in true country fashion they don’t like us a whole pile, we are generally going to be messy and loud which will result in them liking us even less, which in turn could spill over into physical altercations.

Is this your first non-old firm?

What’s this ‘Old Firm’ you speak of?

Reckon I’ll be getting seriously messy tonight.

I have been told the location where there are 50 nurses out on the prowl and an associate is knocking one of them so we are in the inner circle. Could be a good oul Friday night in Dublin

any tips on starting a row? haven’t gone toe-to-toe in years. feel like acting the ball ox tonight.

Just pour a drink over some lad, that should set row proceedings in motion

You know that way you have really touchy feely couples in pubs?

Well go up to the bird and catch a feel. That should work as well.

Or the bloke if that is your preference.

Won’t take much to start a row in this place if they have the appetite for it. A few stray comments would be more than enough.

Funny that an fear wrote “ball ox” instead of bollox or some other derivative.

I’ve a bottle of J&B in my bag for tonights proceedings. And a Corona.

[quote=“Flano”]Funny that an fear wrote “ball ox” instead of bollox or some other derivative.

I’ve a bottle of J&B in my bag for tonights proceedings. And a Corona.[/quote]

Tight cunt

All the gargle is free. The J&B is for 3-4 in the morning.

Sounds like a rough auld kip, wouldn’t get that in Dublin

Where is the party? Myself and Willy O’Dea might gatecrash