Anyone Getting Pissed?

Spent about 15 hours drinking yesterday. Gradually starting to feel a bit better and the prospect of getting pissed again seems much more appealing than earlier. Anyone getting pissed?

|Indeed I am.

Had a few easy bottles watching the cup final in Cork yesterday and haven’t drank since. That was around 5pm yesterday, so although I’m working tomorrow I should really get about my business now this evening. Have one or two offers but still not sure if I really want to go into town. Especially since the crowd I’m likely meeting are going to Cafe En Seine.

See there’s your problem right there. New pub in Wexico with a tremendous beer garden and the call’s gone out to meet there at 9pm. Fook it, I’ll go and get pissed. Just better not annoy my auld wan by bringing a crowd back to the gaff like last night.

Jesus, a beer garden is probbaly what I am looking for right now.

will head out around 9.30 p.m for a few easy ones([SIZE=“1”]TM[/SIZE] farmer)

Shop bought bottles of Corona in my own beer garden is the shout. Most of the other beer gardens are full of lousers.

Your own beer garden is the shout alright. Had my dinner at the table and chair in my back garden about an hour ago with a couple of cans. Then I knocked a tennis ball off the back of the house with a hurley for a few minutes before tucking into another can. A decent back garden is heaven on a day like today.

Spent most of the day out there in fact between gardening and knock-up hurling. Also was able to bring the TV out to the sliding doors to watch the matches. Simple pleasures on a day like this are what’s required.

How the fcuk did ya manage that and go to the Wexford game? you were either bananas drunk at that or drank till around noon today!

I started drinking at around 11am in Dublin Airport on Friday morning, then stopped around 2am in Cork. 15 hours isn’t beyond the bounds of imagination by any means.

Of course it’s not, but hard to squeeze in a match at 7pm (and the two hours off drinking that would entail) especially without grabbing women’s arses and abusing random strangers on the Wexford Pk terrace!

Hmmm, that probably explains parts of my Friday as well

Bought a 6 pack of Becks there a half hour ago and threw them into the freezer, was surprised they fit, just crackied open the first one and I realised I’ve only gone and bought 275ml bottles. Fucking seething here.

Not bananas drunk but pretty messy all the same. Started at lunchtime on Saturday and went through to 6am Sunday or thereabouts. I was posting ballads about Wexford on the Wexford GAA thread at around 5am last night while polishing off the last of the beer while other cunts were comatose in my gaff. Those 2 hours without beer while the game was on were pretty tough going. Oh Wexford!

I’ve had drinks for I think 20 of the last 21 days. Wicked depressed today so might not bother tonight. Plus my jeans are getting tighter with the little gut I’ve cultivated.

I know the feeling Clarkey. Just finished a bender in shanghai last night and the sweating and shaking out of me today was disgusting.I know I need a swim to get the badness out but I think I’m too fucked.

Got royally pissed last night and woke up beside an awful oul yoke. Nightmare trying to get rid of her this morning. I think she thought she’d struck gold. Indeed and you have not, my dear, now you may get the fuck out of my house. :eek:

Congrats Thrawneen. :rolleyes: :clap: :clap: :popcorn:

No, not at all. No fucking way.

I’m presuming an Irish yoke so, not a foreign Bridie that you usually seem fond of?