Anyone getting shitfaced

full weekend of it

Fleeing west to avoid it.

Dry Friday, shitfaced Saturday, die Sunday. Lovely.

A few tonight with lapsed forum member Billy Byrne may have fallen through.

I should socialisewith my astro team mates given our achievement last night so I may go for a meal and some drinks with Bandage and Jugs.


Not planning a mad one given that I had a three day hangover after Friday night last weekend.

Going to run amuck tonight, in a big way.

Wedding today divided by match Sunday = very little booze.

Leg in a cast… dry weekend ahead. Thankfully there is plenty of sport on the weekend.

Weddings the day or days before a match are possibly the worst thing in the world from a socialising perspective. Horrible, especially if you’re not a confident guy and need drink to loosen the tongue.

Lovely is right, this place should be alight monday so.

I am here trying to decide how much I could get away with drinking, so that I would be fine tomorrow yet be in good enough form to make the obnoxious rugby cunts at the wedding tolerable.

I suppose long neck bottles are the way to go, but by fuck do I feel cheated drinking them. Usually cost as much as a pint.

Do the same next week and on the Monday morning you’ll be able to wake up to the prospect of a Dublin-Kildare All-Ireland Final. You’ll die and go to hell all in the one weekend.

Beering it up all weekend.

Yours in drunk and disorderly,

You are drinking over a long space of time remember so I say pint it up. You should be grand once you minimise the shorts.


Thinly veiled I’ll be ploughing into Monaleen on PP there by Farmer. Don’t listen to them Runt

Early night tonight.
Flying to NYC tomorrow.
Piss up when I get there.
Cured watching the Gaelic Football on Sunday morning in any pub showing it…


Few slow bottles and in the bed early is the best you’ll get away with I say Runt, anything else would leave me sucking air the following day twenty mins in. Granted you’re a small nippy lad so you might get away with it.

Thought he had the Saturday to recover no?

I took it from his second post that it was tomorrow. A days break recovery would see you fairly alright.