Anyone on the piss tonight?

I think I’ll head into town tonight for a few…
Looking forward to it
Anyone else heading out?


House party for me, cooking dinner for one now and shortly going to commence steaming into a bottle of white. The party is only a few stops up the Luas, which is handy.

I’m hoping the missus will drop me into town, can’t be arsed with Dublin Bus

There is always at least one ride on the bus though, it has to be said


I’m off out now.

Yes - me. War office out at sisters 70th. b/day. leaving Boxty holding the fort/bottle of brandy/dog

Red wine for me tonight. Third glass at the moment. IT Crowd at 10 is my only commitment.

I have that pencilled into my diary as well along with H.I.G.N.F.Y…

What’s HIGNFY?

Have I Got News For You…

Ah right, that on now?

No think it is on at 10.50…currently watching Cardiff and Biarritz

Just pouring my first glass of white now, dinner nearly there, smelling good. I actually really like it when I am the only one in. No birds to annoy me with their irrelevant waffling, and no-one here to tell me to lower down RATM either.

Just home, had eight pints with a good work buddy from four. Might head into town later to a gig hes going to but realistically I will have a shmoke and fall asleep I think.

I off now with my lift
Dublin bus will provide the journey home via Nightlink where the only ride that was on it on the way in will have transformed herself into a drunken slapper called Tracy on the way home.


God speed man