Applecrumble max bet - 100 Acres


Delighted for you buddy.




Well in. Hopefully enough to get you back even after a rough start to the Christmas.


You cant keep a good man down.


Unreal threw 200 quid on at 14s on the nose on aniblae fly on course. Took 12 of my friends and a few girlfriends for dinner in the goat. Pots and pans drunk now in Kielys. Time for bed me thinks.


You obviously don’t like them. Most overrated food in South Dublin.

Well done on the win mate. Well deserved.


Hope you all enjoyed the pretend dinner mate. :clap:


Charlie Chawke is a family friend


Typical @Mac


The biggest begrudger on tfk.


Savage stuff, fair play :clap:


You’re a good lad.


Walk in the Sun 13/8 kempton 20:15


A very expensive newcomer starting on the All Weather??




Job done.


Ryan Moore :pint:



Thank you very much


I can’t see any reason why dublin won’t beat Offaly by more than six points tomorrow @ evens.


Missing all the Cuala boys, no Rush either. Fairly experimental team by the looks of it.