Applecrumble max bet - 100 Acres


OFFaly are worse than bad. The line moved from minus 9 to minus 6 in the last few hours way too big an overreaction imo.


Have you looked at the Dublin team? Haven’t named their strongest


Did you pull the trigger on this? :open_mouth:


You live by the sword you die by the sword.


One thing about offaly. .they seem to always be able to put up a big enough score even if the other team scores a lot more…defending seems their biggest problem…I didn’t recognise probably 6 or 7 names on that dublin team…


You seem to have a bottomless pit mate so just move on :wink:


He’s gambling his way through the farm very quickly


Im just trying to do my best.


I can’t finish up on a loser. Tipp after naming a very strOng side. Waterford have very little done and have a good few players involved in that fitzgibbon nonsense. Tipp minus 3 @ evens


Do none of the Tipp lads attain third-level education?


Are you finishing up?


Tipp team a good bit older. Think waterford are the worst hit followed by limerick


It’s the most well educated Waterford team ever. Noel Connors has been in college for 14 years.




I am the master of my own destiny.


Dubs minus 6 v donegal @ evens on Saturday is like finding money on the street.


I’m 99 percent sure the scarlets minus 6 @ 10/11 is a gift from the gambling heavens.


Yeah - worth a shout. Some big names missing from La Rochelle and you’d have to question their desire on the road.

Separately, a multiple with Clermont, Scarlets, Leinster and Toulon is 7/1. Munster very vulnerable with injuries so I feel there’s a bit of value in that


I fancy the 4 home teams to win tbh. Munster between 1-12 is the best play at 6/4 and likewise 6/4 for clermont to win between 1-12 for me. I wouldn’t be surprised if the scarlets beat La Rochelle by more than 12 which is 17/10. I might do a treble on those. The Leinster game is a difficult one. Sarries are double champions but Leinster have the ability to put 30 points on them. I’ll stay well away from it. I’m all over scarlets minus 6 though. The wheels have truly fell off in the past few months and they are generally awful away from home.


I like scarlets for it. I dont back the caps though so backed them 10/11 to score more than 2 tries& First half race to 15 - 7/4