Applecrumble max bet - 100 Acres


La rochelle are generally decent scorers so if you fancy that would you not back the race to 30 or something? Its 2s

I despise the handicap market

Weather supposed to be poor as well. Doesnt generally bother scarlets too much


La Rochelle scored what 13 points at ulster and 7 at wasps. Two bad teams. Out of form now and against a proper team. I’ll be tempted by La Rochelle under 19.5 points at 10/11. I accually think another play is under 45.5 points and scarlets win @ 9/5.


Stats would suggest that 3/4 quarters are won by home team. Clermont and Scarlets are far surer than the Irish teams anyway


I hate Leinster and struggle to look at them objectively when it comes to gambling. I think they’ll win well and they’ve the ability to hammer any side in the world. Just think as double champions there being written off a little quickly. So I won’t get involved.


I like backing handicaps. I think they offer decent value if the line is a bit askew, particularly the half time handicap.
Toulon -4.5 at half time is 13/5, which is a great bet imo. I know I’ll be degenerate and hit up -6.5 @7/2


Just looking at the Toulon back three and the weather and I’m sure Munster will be fine.


Main reason i dont back it is thats where bookies place most of focus on. They are very good generally at calling it


Are teams named?


Yep, but if you think they have the line tilted towards the wrong side then the half time lead handicap magnifies the value. That’s how I look at it anyway.


Ashton is at 15 for Toulon.


:pint: pity no pubs tonight !


Good man, you’ve covered my expenses for the trip tomorrow now. :pint:


Bookies making a mistake having Edinburgh only -5 on the handicap versus ulster on Friday night. Ulster are a total mess on and off the field. The season is over for them. Edinburgh have improved and are still in the hunt for a play off spot. This will be a -10 or 12 handicap come came time Friday evening.


Massive win for Ulster.


I didn’t want to clutter up the horse racing thread Incase dB went bananas but if you have a bet365 betting account you can back sergi Prokofiev at 20/1 for the Coventry at royal ascot at the end of June. This is madness. I was expecting 4/1 or something. I’ve some samcro refunds left in various accounts that’ll be put to good use. He’ll be almost certainly single figures by this time tomorrow.


14/1 now and has been for a few hours now


He opened at 33s but I did hang around a bit. Was still 20s around 7. 14s is still a cracking bet.


I had 75 ew at 16/1 at 7 o clock. It was immediately clipped into 14s


I just rewatched his win there. Very very special horse. Serious hype about him. I’m going in again at 14s.


Best 2 year old Donnacha has ever sat on