Applecrumble max bet


Ireland minus 6 @ Evans v France in the rugby. My biggest wager ever. I’ll resign if this doesn’t come off.




I have had a wager on France plus six so I will be rooting against you.


It’ll come down to who wins the breakdown and the collisions.


And puts the points on the board.




That doesn’t fill me with joy pal. Your bullish nature doesn’t always pay off


All down to what French side shows up on the day


Squeaky bum City


WINning money is sweet but putting up the tips for my e-friends is even sweeter.


God bless Ireland, what would we do without you.


I’m looking forward to @AppleCrumbled making this a very profitable Cheltenham in a couple of weeks time.


A boy da kid!


I’ll be heading over for the week now :pint:


Well done. I hope some of the winnings goes up your nose


Didn’t back it but I was rooting for you mate.


Stuck 15k on it after seeing your tip, kid. :beers::beers::beers:


Thanks Julio.


I only got -7 so I left it at 5k :rage:


Dub footballers minus 9 v roscommon.