Applecrumble max bet


Next home game probably




I’ve done my absolute bolox on the rams -6.5 on Christmas Eve. I also think unowhatimeanharry is a good thing at 2/1 tomorrow. If both lose it’s going to be a very bleak Christmas.


MUnster minus 4 on the handicap on st Stephens day. Real steal in the novice hurdle 2/1.


Two darts on the paddy power road to riches 33/1 and anibale fly 20/1 on the 27th


You shouldn’t bet while drinkin buddy or for that matter don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose.


Im up to my ears in Bristol de mai and sizing John ante post. Personally think sizing John is a serious 2/1 shot still. It will take a bloody smart one to beat him. If Bristol wins I’ll go totally bananas. Never loved any horse as much.


I haven’t been drinking. Betting for me was never about money it’s about being right. As long as I’ve roof over my head I couldn’t Careless. Far too many people are judged based on their earnings.


If it’s about being “right” why put money on so.Just having a roof over your head isn’t much of a goal in life unless your homeless.


I’ve plenty of goals in life. I’ve a neighbour he’s built this massive house. 5 bedrooms maybe 400k worth of a house. He’s two kids and one wife. His children are 12 and 10. They don’t go away much and he barely gets out for a pint. Him and his wife have signed away their life’s to pay for this house. I’ll nevee understand that. It’s a colossal Waste of money. I know one thing for sure is if I win big this Christmas I’ll be hitting the Melbourne cup next year. Never hand it back to them. Take the losses on the chin and enjoy the winnings.


Hup ou that. Its a white xmas in west limerick id say😂


Oh and the Christmas nap is Folsom blue in the Welsh national😎


I was drunk reading this same as you were writing it,il back folsom blue too


Forget Melb Cup it’s a load of wank. Cox Plate is the best days racing in Australia


The shrewdies have him backed weeks ago


Did the second one come in at least?


The horse was well beaten.


Ah no.


Unrale kid


Hup outa that