Applecrumble max bet


11/10 minus 3 with PP


Correct I misread it. Cheers.


Clare - 2 is 5/6 on Bet365.


I’d Be surpsied if they don’t win by 10 or more.


I can see this one going wrong but best of luck. Wexford 7/2 to beat KK is the bet of the weekend imo


kk are falling but haven’t quite jumped off yet.






Galway 7/4 to beat tipp next Sunday.


Full bank job


Callanan is out


All hail the fucking King :ronnyroar:




You might accept my facdbook friend request now you bolox


Patrickswell and killmallock in a double in the limerick senior hurling championship pays 1.21/1 this weekend. This is buying money.


I’m as fond of a punt as the next man but the odds don’t appeal to me that much.

Good luck with it anyway, you’ve thrown up a few good un’s of late.


I have jumped in.

Libs 4/9 puzzles me a bit. I know bruff are poor enough also but they will be a fair bit stronger than last years form. Both teams have been weak in the county league

Knockainey in trouble with injuries and players not available


Tom Ryan plus his little brother with Nash should make the difference. Possibly ahane to catch doon @ 2/1 is a small play.


The well and the balbec will win easy; the opposition are both missing their best players. The well lads who have been recently cut by limerick will have plenty to prove and memories of being caught last year by adare in the opening round will ensure they have their eye in. Ballybrown v killmallock is priced up all wrong. Killmallock should be much shorter.


Now that you say it, i was told by a man from out that way a few weeks ago, to have whatever i liked on knockainey being beat. Said they are barely training.