Applecrumble max bet


We’re in clover again lads :pint: enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Good man.


The 'Well made us sweat for it!

Price was gone when I backed it but still got evens for the double. Cheers pal. :+1:


I think this morning one of my virtual friends said it was 5/6 in boyles in adare


I doubt it?

Looked earlier this morning online and The 'Well were 1/4 with Boyles while Kilmallock were 2/7.


Well done @AppleCrumbled. Your confidence encouraged me to go big. My adare contacts were confident during the week and are very disappointed tonight

The windy cunts from L4 cost me a lively 7fold acca with their draw.


Tipp minus 4 v cork 10/11 Sunday week in the munster hurling championship. Yes please I’ll buy more money.


This is the one ive been waiting for myself.


Lads, ye are nuts having big bets on 1st round of championship matches. Everyone accepts that Tipp are far superior to Cork. However, they will be treating this as a stepping stone to mid August. Cork on the other hand will be treating this as if it is a match in mid August. They are building for the future and a good run in Munster will be considered a successful year.

Tipp should still win but it will be very close.


Would Tipp to win and both sides to score a goal interest you more pal?


I don’t bet on GAA in general but that would be a better bet than handicap IMHO.


I wonder would Paddy give me odds on Tipp to win, both teams to score & Cadogan to score a goal.


They have that request a bet thing now so deffo worth asking pal!


I might throw in Callinan to score a goal as well and get really greedy.


Ah yes although we are bordering on the degenerate side of things now! :sunglasses:


Tipp have adequate depth in their squad meaning a good few of the players will need to have big games to keep their places next Sunday after the Galway game. Cork are a shambles. Tipp will win between 8 and 14 points depending on how much misery they want to inflict on their hated rivals.


Indeed if we are putting 2 20 odd on them albeit a challenge game God knows what Tipp could score especially after getting tonked themselves last day out.


Tipperary hit 22 points v cork in their opening game despite playing poorly last year.


Cork will be annihilated


Cork never feared Tipp