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There is no hatred or bitterness between Cork and TIpp. We have a storied enduring rivalry which is the greatest in the history of Irish sport. The glory of a munster final between Tipp and Cork is unparalleled. We have won and lost but irrespective of the result we could always have a pint with our Cork Brethern.


It was fine until you got to the end… A Tipp man paying for pints … not believable.


He never said anything about paying.


May 2010 and Aisake in the Park springs to mind here
granted tipp werent going in to that game as champions but we were vastly inferior to them
also tipp’s next season post an AI win (1990, 2002 and 2012 spring to mind ) in that they traditionally flop…
i somehow think the result of this game will be dictated more by how Tipp play than by Cork, Cork will do their thing, whilst much improved on last season is no way near the level that Tipp were at from July - September 2016 … the question really is whether Tipp are anyway near that level now in May… im not sure if this is as a straightforward as its made out to be really…


Thurles is Cork’s home ground also


Tipp dont hate cork and viceversa ,
also, i dont think cork are a shambles at all
ill need @caoimhaoin really to validate that assumption but limited and all as we are , we’re not at all where we were last season …


He suggested it, mate… If he amends the post to say ‘letting our Cork brethren buy us pints’ then I don’t think anyone could object to a word of the post.


in the unlikely event that cork got to an all ireland SF against the same opposition this year and Tipp were going into the game with the form they showed in last season’s MSHC final than i would say yes…
but this is an entirely different context of game


Cork 0-29 (P.Horgan 0-14, 1x65, 2f)
Tipp 2-19

and all will be right with the world
i predict a game of very little intensity, itll be hurling played virtually non contact , Horgan will revel in it, the Tipp FF line will be replaced by the 60th minute, they’ll have a huge amount of wides , cork will win pulling up and De Banks will be sung 3 mins before the end like v Clare in 2003


Would you go as far as to say its a Cork-Tipp thing that the rest of us will never understand?


and are unable to


FYI CM I came across these hidden gems down the road from you.
The hurling walls dont do it for me but hearing the echos of the ball ricocheting off the walls of these ball alleys was music to my ears. It was a great way to kill an hour of a Sunday.


It’s hard to see where they have improved, Mick… I think they are slowly turning it around but they need to replace 3or 4 of the forwards before they can push on, they simply do not work hard enough and don’t want to know about it…replacing them with a load of younger players is probably something want to do gradually but the couple fo games I saw Cork in this year, they were harmless.

They are still largely persisting with this tippy tappy game from the mid 00s at club level and it’s still evident with the county team… working short puckouts zig zag up the field or looking for a runner to collect a laser esque puckout at midfield… It’s fine when it works but when it breaks down it sucks the life out of players/fans. A team like tipp will hold their position and dare them to shoot from 50 yards or bomb it in. Cork don’t have the players to do either. … their only hope is to try get quick low ball into speedsters like Cadogan but they’ll be too busy looking for tippy tappy passes around the middle of the park.


do you think that “the gay” needs to be beat out of cork after they were infected in 2005?
KK in 2006 brought that physical approach to counteract the 3 in a row tippy tappy AIs, i do agree Cork never recovered or moved on


Almost like we wouldn’t ‘get it’


The forwards like Horgan need to up their workrate or fuck off the panel.


How oft do my thoughts in their fancy take flight…


To the home of my childhood away…


This is a massive issue.

And won’t change. All that happens is a shuffling of the deck. Guys moving around the clubs picking up money. Its a joke.

I watched the Barrs, Blarney and Watergrasshil all make an absolute fuck of the hurlers they have last weekend. I mean it was a joke. Blarney have a fine set of players and they are simply awful with their manager abusing refs and all sorts after they won the game.

Its not as bad in football but its similar in ways too. Fucking jokeshop.

The standards at club level thos few weeks are the worst i ever saw.


Can you give us your thoughts on tipp v cork kev