Applecrumble max bet


8/11 minus two with Boyles






Literally everything I said 3 months ago was subsequently proven right. EVERYTHING.


Thanks Brimmer for highlighting my comment from months ago that “Tipp are clearly finished”. I’d be too self deprecating to bump that now to prove how right i was but i do appreciate you thinking of me in any event.


No need to apologise to me.We all understand how you were wrong.


We got beat by a point by a team that we beat by a point last year and lost by a point to the year before. We played as well as we did last year


No-one cares.


I’ve a good few holidays coming up so I done a 1 Euro line super Heinz of happily, so mi far, Churchill, librisa breeze, Mayo, arsenal and under 44 points in the limerick v Galway 21s game. It pays 6 and a half grand.


Times must be tough if that’s a max bet


That’s 1 * 120


Total comes to 120 Euro but obviously not a balls in job. Just put if a few were interested.


Make sure and have another 5er on the accum just in case kid


I think renneti might run a career best on Saturday 14/1 is way too big.


A lot of money for him this morning


Mugged off.


Aussies will go close to beating the all blacks plus 17 at evens.


The wallabies cunts look good with ball in hand but look likely to concede tries every time NZ have the ball. This could be a sweat shop job.


Ah we’re done here already terrible defense by the aussies


They could put 35 + points on these chumps. :see_no_evil: