Arcade Fire gig

I know that there are a few fans of these lads and lady on the forum. Apparently Hot Press is saying that they are definitely doing an Irish gig with venue and date tbc

I’ll keep you posted with any developments

I signed up for this thing on the ticketmaster (robbing bastards) site. Basically you fill in all the bands/artists you like and they send you an email in advance of tickets going on sale for any gig they’re playing in Ireland. There’s nothing worse than realising someone you really love are playing a rare gig here and tickets are sold out, i.e. Sufjan Stevens last November.

Venue: Olympia
Dates: 5th/6th March
Price: 45 - steep

When on sale - this Friday

there due a new album this year sometime arn’t they? Presume it’ll be released before they start touring.

Yeah new album due this year.

It’s my most my eagerly awaited release of 2007 along with Bloc Party’s which is due out the first week of February, a week before they hit Ireland.

5th of March is the date I believe

New song: Intervention -

Another new song: Black Mirror- (gap before it starts)

Thanks for that Rocko

‘Intervention’ is their new single - excellent song
‘Black Mirror’ isn’t as good imo

What dates are we in Milan, rocko? Game is 7th so is it 6th-8th or what?

Leave Dublin on the morning of the 6th, leave Milan morning of the 8th

Anyone getting any love from the ticketbastard site?

Been trying since 9am for these with no joy. They’re probably sold out which slightly pisses me off. I would be raging only I don’t really have the money to buy them to begin with.

Just been talking to Mrs Rock who has had no success either, nor have other people she knows who are trying.

No joy here either - all sold out. Half of them probably wouldn’t know music if it bit them on the arse

I was on the site at 8.55am so can’t understand how I didn’t get through. After logging on at 9.15am the day Sufjan Stevens’ tickets went on sale only to find they’d sold out in 10 mins I vowed never to make the same mistake again so this is taking the piss. Although 45eur for a ticket is taking the piss too. The tickets for the Scottish/Welsh/English leg of the tour are 17gbp.

I see they made a complete mess of the rugby tickets on sale yesterday too - all the supporters club members got a username and password to buy tickets yesterday which they paid 50 euro for. Then when they went on there were no tickets for nearly everyone and there wasn’t even a place to put in your username or password: anyone could buy them. I can’t believe ticketmaster’s ineptitude (supporter by the promoters like Aiken and MCD) is allowed to continue every time. It’s 5 years since I complained about it on the news in one of my most cringeworthy memories.

Arcade Fire tickets sold out.

I hate ticketbastard more than anyone.

I’m laughing at the rugby mess up though cos I’m evil.

Please elaborate.