Are bohs taking the piss?

Bohs launch loan scheme

Bohemian FC is calling on supporters to help the club and invest in its future by providing loans. Lenders are being offered a very attractive rate on their investment, which will be secured on Dalymount Park.

The club has been working hard to deal with its present cashflow difficulties. It is committed to achieving break-even and to reducing spending further next year, in order to build a sustainable future.

But the club needs support from all its friends to see it through the rest of the season and into the next.

The club has a major asset in Dalymount Park and loans to Bohemian FC will be secured by charge on that property under a trust deed.

Lenders will receive annual interest at the ECB rate plus 4 per cent. At current rates, this means 5 per cent per annum, and 5 per cent is set as the minimum rate.

Interest will be paid annually in December. Loans will be repayable on the sale of Dalymount Park, anticipated to be completed in about seven years.

The sale of Dalymount Park will be conditional on an alternative stadium being provided by the buyer. Bohemians remains committed to being a successful football club with its own stadium and contributing strongly to its local community.

Anyone in a position to provide a loan or wishing to discuss it should contact Chris Brien, Finance Director, Bohemian FC, on 085-8022458.

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How many more times can they sell Dalymount?