Ashley Madison leak

Any tfk users bricking it today at work?

I believe this is part of the reasons @dubliner2 doesn’t post here anymore


Who is the TD supposed to be anyone heard?

Any @tfk email addresses?

Great day for the forum. Well played @The_Selfish_Giant :ronnyroar:

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I imagine @Thrawneen made up 10% of the Ireland users.


you can check emails here:

Seems to cover a variety of dodgy websites. Any email I use/have used seems to be safe from it thankfully.

but not only can you check your own email addresses, you can also check others!


I’ll go out on a limb here. This will be the most clicked link in (the new) TFK history.


you’re fucked fran. shouldn’t have used your work email…

Are we allowed name him @rocko

This should be a clique only thread, watch the new members grow.

I’d never even heard of it. I do business elsewhere.


I had never heard of it either. I don’t think I entirely understand the purpose of it. Why would you need a website specially for cheaters? What’s wrong with regular dating sites/apps? Please advise.

34 and counting.

How many active posters would we have on a typical Friday @rocko ?

The truth is out there Chucks

My email address returned no results so i highly doubt the credibility of the site. My mid twenties witnessed wall to wall online experimentation.

You can’t bate drunken manouvers though at the same time, though I respect any fella’s graft telling a bird he will find her glass slipper onlilne.

The lawsuits have started; “emotional distress”.