Ask dunph about eating thread

Dearest Dunph,

I am in quite the predicament. I have a chicken breast thawed out for my dinner this evening and was planning on having a couple of chicken salad wraps for dinner this evening. But I also have to do some clothes shopping as I have a Gala event on Saturday night which I need some new clothes for. The shops I am going to are quite close to Eddie Rockets

Should I go home and have my wraps or should I go to Eddies?

As you can see it is quite the pickle

I would certainly go to Eddies. Where are you??? Is there Eddies in the UK???

You can have the chicken wraps tonight for the supper.

Hope this helps…


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Best thread on the internet.

I won’t have the chicken for supper, as I normally don’t have have a supper and if i do it would normally be a small bowl of cereal or a yoghert

Yes, there is one in the Selfridges store in Birmingham

Russians have a saying about eating: “Eat breakfast yourself, share lunch with a friend and give dinner away to your enemy.”

In Soviet Russia dinner cooks you

Dunph, what is an adequate number of chews per normal sized bites of a 10oz steak cooked medium/rare?

My shite is coming terrible hard like after each steak i have, am i not chewing the meat enough or is my rectum fucked? I know you can shed some light on this issue as you are very wise in these food related areas.

Kind Regards CH

You might be chewing your food too much. Food tastes better the less you chew it.

Hope this helps…

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I was going to suggest dungeon for this thread but just delete the fuckin thing from existence. What utter shite


The thread seems perfectly fine to me.

so you like eating thread then? do you shit aran sweaters?

Dunph, I have no meat defrosted for my dinner and will more than likely order a takeaway.

What should I get?

Dunph have you ever had a pizza from Pizza Express, i quiet fancy a pizza for dinner and hate dominos and the likes.

dunph, have you ever had a pig’s head?

Sorry i couldn’t advise ye lads, was offline all day. Hope ye were happy with whatever choices were made.

Dunph, what’s the best way to eat thread?
How come you are the authority on it?


I have to do some food shopping this evening. what should I get for my dinner?