Ask The Runt about cooking

Hi The Runt, I am looking for a nice recipe for a stew. Can you help me?

Thanks mate.


Not a dungeon thread.

I have a couple of decent stew recipies at home, but I don’t remember the finer details of them off the top of my head.

I like to make beef & guinness type stew thing in oven. It’s very nice.

I’d be interested in the beef and Guinness stew. I had a lovely Guinness stew in a restaurant in Salthill over a year ago.

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The thing about a beef and Guinness stew is that it’s actually way nicer if you use Beamish instead of Guinness. Believe me on this one.
Jamie Oliver has a nice, easy recipe in his Ministry of Food book. If your Republican sympathies can be put aside long enough to stomach (pun intended) the overt and sickly Britishness of this publication, the recipe is grand and easy and very tasty.

I use mince to make stews far tastier than fatty lumps of lamb, it’s kind of like a Shepard pie mix not in a pie. Mmmmmnm

Mince meatball stew is the shiz.

Lets be having your recipes, bhoys.

Fuck mince into the pot (lamb or beef whatever your taste is)
Chop vegetables and 20 minutes later fuck them in the pot.
Spuds can go into the stew at this point or be kept seperate. I like em in it.
For extra flavour add a Shepards pie mix made by someone like knorr. Some people add stock or Oxtail soup instead.
Boil at a medium to low heat for an hour or so.

Serve with buttered brown bread.

The stew the second day is even better.

I got this off a site before and it was quick easy.

1 lb ground beef
12 cup bread crumbs (seasoned)
12 tsp basil
1 egg
1 clove minced garlic
10.5 ozs onion soup (french)

Quarter of cup water
3-4 potatoes (peeled, cut into chunks)
3-4 carrots (peeled, cut into chunks)
1 onion (cut into wedges)
[size=2]garlic (toast sliced optional) [/size]

Combine beef, crumbs, basil, egg and garlic.
Shape into 20 balls.
Brown in deep skillet over medium low heat.
Drain fat.
Stir in soup, water and vegetables.
Heat to boiling.
Reduce heat and simmer, covered 30 minutes until veggies are tender.
Add a little more water if necessary.


Only lumps of good quality beef should be put in a stew.

Lamb beats beef all day long.

Good quality beef is wasted in a stew.
The whole point of stewing is to bring out the flavour of the cheaper cuts of meat by long slow cooking.

I think you may have mentioned that before. Lots of times

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