Attn Cork GAA Fans : The Official Handover of twiceasnice97

a few of the more prominent clare GAA supporters (myself, puke, BeT, WTB, Turfcutter etc) have decided its time.

There have been a few incidents recently that make twiceys position as a clare hurling supporter simply untenable. He’s been with us a long time now (august '95) and in fairness, he’s had his moments. But the time has come, he’s living in Cork and now involved locally, he’s become a security risk and we simply cannot expose ourselves any longer.

I’ll be setting the date for the online hand over ceremony, but in the meantime, we’ll need a Cork contributor to step up and officially receive him into the Cork GAA fraternity

When i get the name , i’ll initiate proceedings and announce the official handover ceremony date and topic… bandage/rocko etc i may need some help with the online logistics etc

is mise le meas


Apologies fist, you werent contacted. You previous allegiances to football ruled you out. I am going to have a further follow on ceremony to hand over west clare to kerry in its entireity

I haven’t felt like this since shearer hung up his boots for the toon!

I need a Cork contributor to step up here…lets not make this more painful than it has to be

The limerick lads will fight you all the way .

what is this tripe?

I think he got his hand over, or perhaps it’s a reach around?

maybe the cork folks dont want him and you are stuck with him. :lol:

He is no real loss anyway. i think most tolerated his auld musings about hurling on here but when he started posting about soccer and rugby it was hard to take him serious.

He will be a big addition to the Cork lads though

Seems to be rural humour.

Watch the break has the mass organised for 7pm friday evening in Scariff

Where will we hand him over lads

Scarrif is a shithole inhabiated by rednecks and freaks.

I won’t be attending. I’ve only ever seen Scarriff through the windows of very fast moving vehicles.

fuck you anyway you said you would say the mass yourself

your neck is red too runt no matter how much make up you put on it

There should be a moment’s silence on the forum to mark the occassion. To be hones turfcutter - i’ve zero fcuking interest in going to Scarriff to mass man…hold it in Tuamgraney or that and we can all marvel at the shine on Liam Doyle’s head whikle we march TAN up to the altar. If WTB doesnt want to say the mass we can get Fr. Harry to do it!

No he is only holding out for the second fifty if he moves it to tuamgraney we will give it to him

Proceedings will ministered online…date to follow…Cork are you there ?

Aw this is a new fucking low - TAN is going to be the only Cork contributor on the forum… :mad: