Attn Shan / Flano / anyone employed by a bookie

I believe that last weekend Publicity Powers were offering prices on number of red cards in GAA Football matches. Something like 6/4 for at least one and 6/1 for at least 2. I looked today and these bets weren’t available. I’m presuming the dumb gimp who priced them up has been sacked but is there any chance these bets may be available again?

The 6/1 is up Mac isn’t it?

I couldn’t find it anywhere myself Dunph. Where did you see it?

Best thing to do is request them and they usually will give you a price.

Will they do that in a shop Shan? I’m unable to bet over the phone any more :unsure:

I didn’t notice the offer but i’m presuming from your post that at least two players were sent off and therefore the 6/1 is a winner. I know Offaly had a fella sent off but don’t know after that…

Sorry Dunph, misread the question. It was on a per match basis I think. 6/4 would have been the winner in the Offaly game. 6/1 would be great value for some of the Ulster or Munster games for 2 sendings off.

Right. I knew it looked a bit funny to say the least…