Auld birds you would shag


She’s gorgeous…them there Mediterraneans seem to age well…even if most them smoke near 60 fags a day…


They really do a well, until they don’t.


I still would.


I reckon I still would with any of them in 20 years time. Kidman is an astonishingly beautiful woman (I’ve met her, have I mentioned this 20 times already?).


She’s awfully skinny, I would worry about splitting her in half.


Take that back. She’s not in real life, she is the perfect woman.


She’d make dust of you mate.


All three of them mate

Id says Watts could have a dirty side to her and CZJ would go all night


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Bill Cullens missus, I’d love to ride the hairy hole off her


Ah jaysus Jackie Lavin, that’s new depths of depravity






Ban this cunt.


Everytime I see this fella post, all I can think is

Cos bedtime
Is the right time
To Fight crime

I Can’t think of a rhyme!


Up to maybe 10 years ago, but otherwise you’re all kinds of wrong there pal.


What do you mean by that, I’m very confused


I understand what you mean. I think you’re right, I should be banned, you horrible cunt


There’s been a line crossed here.



You would refuse to ride Nicole Kidman? What on earth is wrong with you??