Auld birds you would shag


Tricia Helfer


Ineligible. Come back in 18 months.


Nuh uh.


Amanda Staveley



She looks mental


you’ve been told to fuck up more than once now. Just because you’re an old 40 something cunt doesnt mean the age for Auld birds should move.


Quiet you.


She’ll be perfect for Newcastle so :wink:


She’s a serial bankrupt who suddenly came into a fortune after hanging round with wealthy middle Eastern gentlemen.
Go figure.




That’s the most deviant thing you’ve ever posted on this site, kid.


I’m a big fan of Julie Bowen

Also known from her early days in Happy Gilmore


Yes she’s good, surprised that she’s 47 and even more surprised that she’s two years older than the, now eligible, 45-year-old Sofia Vergara.



Great pics and all but we need a name and an age please!

Standards gentlemen


Ol buddy, if I’m posting her here, she’s of age. Julie stays in the picture.


Julie Bowen is 47.


Elizabeth Banks, 43





That is Celia Holman Lee
She must be 65 or 66 years of age