Auld birds you would shag


Divilment in those eyes :smirk:


She looks well there tbf


She’d also be a great help getting the cattle in for testing, pulling calves, firing out silage, etc.

The full package


Who is this divine creature?


John Deasy’s wife, Maura Derrane


I wouldn’t have put the 47 on her

I’d get up on that




Who’s John deasy?


Maura Derrane’s husband


That’s a tantalizing picture of Maura but I saw her on the Telly last week and she looked like the Wreck of the Hesperus



That’s more like the real Maura


Damn straight.


A gobshite.


Probably a teething toddler mare. I’m no oil painting myself this morning


@Fagan_ODowd is right. That’s the look I’d associate her with more. The pic from @KinvarasPassion was as if it was a different beast altogether

You’d need a forklift to get @Tassotti off her I’d say


He’s gone up like a balloon again, an awful size of a man.




Not old . This thread needs a regulator .


Keep your nose out of this. You’ve been warned.