Auld birds you would shag


Ha was warned before too.

between himself and that other cunt @croppy_boy, they should be banned from this thread


50 should be the minimum .


Ah would you go and fuck. Set up a granny thread for yourself if you want. Leave this one to the Auld birds.


Says who? 30 has always been the minimum and it’s staying that way.


Dry your eyes buddy.

You’re in league with MBB, that’s how low you’ve sunk.

In other news 52-year-old Marisa Tomei was wonderful looking as ever in the Spiderman Homecoming Movie.


Well done . An outbreak of sanity !


nice post bro.

Congrats too. You’re nearly in the thread eligibility.


Indeed. I’ll be qualifying for a few new threads in the next while :slight_smile:


I’ll take my nice post home in my mug, thanks very much.

CC @Gman


Grand job mbb, but an auld bird she ain’t


We’re all auld cunts now Flatty.

The kid stays in the picture.



That’s what it’s all about sure.


Damn straight homey.


What kind of weird cunt refers to women as “the kid”? Especially when posting pictures of women he would ride. What a fucking weird cunt.


If this site needed adjudicating then either myself or @myboyblue should do it. We know the rules and know the quality required to keep this thread the greatest on TFK

cc mbb


You fucking jinnit :rofl:



We’ve got this well under control bro, have no fear. We don’t need any title to keep them in line.




Lovely peaks there in the background


Banna strand ?