Auld birds you would shag


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, mate… you blind cunt.




Who’s he?




Eva Herzagova, 44


The ravages of time is an awful thing really.


she looks 54


She looks lovely, natural, and self confident, unlike Anna Friel who took a great natural beauty and now looks like she’s been gathering honey without a face mask.


At that age a naturally good looking woman should carry a small bit of weight .


Face or body - they have to choose in mid to late 40s

Blokes likes us can have both.


You too can be like 57 year old Sean Penn, dating the 24 year old daughter of the 57 year old Gretta Scachi.



She looks at least 10 years older than she is. An awful pity, she was a stunner.


Torrie Wilson


Maybe if Trish changed her name to Torrie Wilson (also eligible btw)


Whoops. Grabbed the wrong image.

Lita and Trish



Marina Granovskaia, 43



This is the lady Conte has an issue with? She seems like she’d be very easy to work with.


I dont believe Conte has an issue with her. Conte has the issue with the board. She is the only one that both sides get on with, so shes the one keeping things civil at Chelsea if the stories are to be believed.


That is Trish but that’s not Lita. That’s Sasha Banks. Ineligible.