Auld birds you would shag


CC @balbec


What’s that got to do with me bro’ ?


You’re TFK’s biggest Kay obsessive.


Is that Kay? Facking hell! @SHANNONSIDER was a much bigger fan than me.


Its wrote at the bottom left of the picture. Kay be ripped.


sweep sweep


A bit roughish . The gyms all over are full of auld birds looking for a bit of attention


‘A bit of nosh’ as Ronnie would say


Welcome Rachel


Rachel was one of my first.


January Jones


Shannon Elizabeth aging well at 44


Stacy dash, still knocking it out of the park at 52


Berry, 51


Multiple entrant at this stage but always a delight


I’d be delighted to give her multiple entries.


I reckon she will get accolades on this thread a decade from now .


You can’t use that type of language in the current environment @fisty , the days of using crude and boisterous language to objectify women is gone.


It’s acceptable in Australia.


Are you on some sort of alternative sentencing regime where the magistrate has ordered you to make public pronouncements of your support for equality and womens rights to atone for whatever sexual harassment / assault / trafficking / panty stealing / peeping tom offence you’ve been convicted of?