Auld birds you would shag


This time.



Cc @KinvarasPassion
I definitely would. She’s almost to the day the same age as me.


I forgot to say I walked past her in the upstairs section of the shopping centre later @KinvarasPassion

She was holding her handbag very poshly while sticking some kind of a dessert into her gob. Make of that what you will


I think she’s perfectly entitled to do whatever the fuck she wants. I wouldn’t question her, I think she’s delightful.


I’ve met her a couple of times Fitzy, she’s a lovely woman, nothing more, nothing less.


She’s a lovely auld woman that @Fitzy would shag.


Isnt she the cunt who was showing off her dead animals on her car bonnet in a photo shoot once?


Go on…





Some amount of paedophile supporters for @Cicero_Dandi to note down in his copybook here


Things that qualify you as a paedophile/ rapist apologist - being attracted to Rachel Allen, thinking Paddy Jackson is innocent.
Things that do not qualify you as a paedophile/ rapist apologist - giving a positive character reference to a convicted rapist to try an help him get a lighter sentence.


I’d be more of a fan of Nigella myself


So would I


She’d ate you without salt.


Lucy Hockings, Kiwi BBC newsreader, 43.



My god, I’m even more attracted to her now.


Nigella is a fine dame and she has given us all a lot of enjoyment and intemperate thoughts over the years, but she’s looking fair shook lately. I think we may need to consider retiring her with our best wishes to the I’d Say in Her Day thread. She deserves some respect and dignity. I’d hate to see a long line of poor photos, getting worse and worse over time, being posted on this thread of her.



That’s a harsh reality if I ever saw one.