Auld birds you would shag


Journalist Jennifer O’Connell :heart_eyes:


Jayses. I’d saye she’s happy the milk quota is no more


The head is fucking huge and woeful


Very ugly woman, She’ll be the spit of George hook in her 60s


Some forehead on her. Is she from Wexford?


She must be terrified of low bridges.


Or high tides


A handball alley it’s like .

Still would .


Who’s the beautiful lady on the left ?


Johnny Vegas’ wife


A 60 x 30 alley at that.


Maiya or something, I thought as much, his EX btw.
A fine cut of a lady.


A Talbots Inch head




She’d kill it dead I’d say. Or butt it as they say in Limerick.


Think they’re still together


A female work colleague informed me months ago that this marriage was in trouble and she was delighted to tell me this just yesterday


So she Lost Vegas ??


She lost fuck all, he on the other hand…


Remember reading about them a few years ago and it was a weird aul relationship.
She living in Ireland. Johnny living over in the UK, stuffing his face.