Auld birds you would shag


I’d say there isn’t a man here would keep it pucked out to either of them


I’d say you wouldn’t need hawkeye either. The gap between the two posts is that wide , you’d want to be blind as a bat to miss


Roaster alert.

Not that there is anything wrong with that by the way!


you’d want to tie a two by four to your arse I’d say


:grinning: I haven’t heard that one in twenty years


My favourite Limerick place


Susanna Thompson, 60



Well done Farmer .

She is a really fabulous looking woman .


Celia always looks well in a photo. Not so much in the flesh


Happy to give that one a 10th like.


Be bad manners not to


She’s a dog.


I doubt it if the collar and the cuffs still match there…


Sykes, 48


Jaysus. Sykes who?


You have been on this thread before, right?



Oh she’s lovely. I had a business interaction and very pleasant chat with Mr Boddington a while back. The prototype quiet English gentleman, he had never heard of the advert or the lovely Melanie. I tried to explain just how famous and resonant the “wanna flake in that luv?” line is/was, but he didn’t seem to grasp it.


I believe that Melanie Sykes was a victim of that ‘Fappening’ thing from a few years back where female celebrities phones were hacked - Jennifer Lawrence being the most famous one.


She was indeed